Thursday, 19 November 2015

robozz lab-inside capacitor
Robozz Lab
+91-8253011002, +91-7806093134

Online group (School of programming )
Indore (M.P.India)

visit us:

Robozz Lab, 2nd Floor, Sundaram Complex, Bhawarkuan Indore- 452001

Our centers: (Indore) Bhawarkuan, Palasiya, Rajmohalla, Annapurna


our other videos link;
(1) Pick and Place Robot

(2) LED Reception board

(3) LED Display Board

(4) Touch screen based dot matrix display

(5) Automatic Street Light

(6) Automatic Street Light

(7) Keypad Based Door Lock System Made By : Robozz Lab

(8) Line Following Robot Made by our students ar : Robozz Lab

(9) Harvester Machine Made By : Robozz Lab

(10) Bluetooth Based Android Controlled Robot Made By : Robozz Lab

(11) LED Board Display via GSM Made By : Robozz Lab

(12) Smart Street Light Controlling Made By : Robozz Lab

(13) Smart Street System Made By : Robozz Lab

(14) Touch Screen Based Door Lock Made By : Robozz Lab

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